What are the main products that will be branded as club merchandise:

T shirt Men’s, T shirt Women’s, Unisex Sweatshirt Hoody, Cap, Toque, Soft Shell Jacket


Will other products be made available as club merchandise?

Depending on the club’s interests CC can offer bags, mugs, water bottles, long sleeve Ts, team jackets, etc.


What is the club’s commitment to join the club merchandise program?

The club commits to use Curling Concierge (CC) for all it’s branded merchandise that is sold online and agrees to purchase a s $200 flat fee start-up package of club branded merchandise that can be used as samples for sizing or used as prizes/giveaways later in the season.


What are the two options for branding the club’s logo? 

      If the club is happy with their logo for merchandising purchase then CC can move right to design layouts. If the club would like an updated logo to get members more excited about club merchandise, then CC will create a new logo design with the club’s input at a flat fee of $500.


What other services can CC provide to club managers? 

      CC can provide other branding services (beyond clothing) at competitive pricing. Any bonspiels, anniversaries or training events that need specific event merchandise including pins/glasses/bottles/brooms etc.. CC would welcome the opportunity to offer experienced digital services to assist any club online promotional activities.


How do club members know their sizing for the branded merchandise? 

      The club will have the initial start-up package for the main product categories (in the standard sizes) that members can view in the club. Plus there will be sizing charts on the web site that will explain the options.


Is it possible to return merchandise? 

      All items are produced specially to order for each member therefore there has to be a no refunds and no exchange policy.


How long does it take to fulfill a member order? 

Approximate turn around time from member ordering online to bulk shipment to their club for distribution to members should be 2 weeks from purchase date. Shipping charges to be confirmed depending on club location.


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