Case Studies

Case Study 1: Royal Canadian Curling Club Full Re-Brand

The original RCCC crest was proving to be problematic in terms of readability when used in small applications, such as lapel pins and letterhead. It also lacked the strong visual appeal needed for launching a successful merchandise program for the club. The Board at RCCC requested that both of these issues be addressed when they enlisted the Curling Concierge to re-design their logo.

The strategy: Recognizing the clubs rich history, and to make the new logo an easy sell to long-time club members, we felt it best to retain the spirit of the original crest. We based the new logo on the prominent maple leaf, but rendered it in a more retro/contemporary fashion. The same approach was taken with the curling rock and the original crown as well.

We also addressed the issue of readability. We simplified the crest by eliminating the old corn brooms and decorative banner. We also made the words more prominent by setting them in 2 lines. The brand colours were simplified as well.

The result: The new logo was well received by both the Board and the members. It fueled an exciting custom merchandise program that features an extensive selection of products for online purchase.    


"The team at Curling Concierge were great to work with. They were patient and professional while working with our volunteer-based Board of Directors. They respected the history and tradition of Royals and developed a revamped logo and merchandise program our entire club is proud of."  - Jon Malton, RCCC Board Member. 

Case Study 2: High Park Club Merchandise Program

The High Park club hadn't produced any major club branded merchandise for a number of years. This was due to the inconvenience of ordering and holding onto inventory, but board members thought a new range of branded products would be a hit with members. They asked the Curling Concierge to design an exciting new product line for them.

The club's original crest has retained its character over the approximately 110 year history of the club. Without the need for a new design, the club was able to move quickly to review the benefits of a club branded merchandise program.

The strategy: We agreed that the historic crest was fine as is, but in-order to be able to reproduce the crest in various formats, we had to make some enhancements. We versioned the logo in multiple formats to work in both full colour and single colour applications.

The result: A variety of product design options were prepared for their boards approval and the club is moving forward with the new merchandise program in the fall of 2020.


"The guys at Curling Concierge are fantastic to work with. Their expertise in building a program for our club was invaluable" - Chris Wai, High Park Club Board Member
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